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What the critics say 10/09/09

Toronto International Film Fest

Hi all we have just returned home on a high from the Toronto International Film Festival – here we are with the fantastic Viggo Mortensen and Jane Campion. The City of Toronto arranged for us to perform during the Festival downtown, like New York’s Time Square, and we had a great response. Love you Toronto!  Here’s what Variety said: 

A docu that has you falling in love with two of the crazier people you never met, the Topp Twins Pure fun, very musical, and a can of mixed nuts. What we see are transformations worthy of world-class actresses.

They attain a similar vocal purity only siblings seem able to achive, which gives their country-flavored music a keening, aching quality. It makes the Topps a real double threat:  their audiences can choke up or choke with laughter.

You can read the rest of the review on Variety’s website.

In this elegantly compiled work – part biopic, part concept film, part comedy – Pooley provides a strong reminder that what resists classification maybe the very thing that has the power to restore unity, understanding and compassion in a tumultuous world.

Jane Schoettle – TIFF