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Topp Twins Comedy Feature Film – Call to Action! 05/05/17

Ken & Ken give The Topp Twins comedy feature film project a plug – watch it on The Topp Twins YouTube Channel!

Don’t forget to donate to our campaign on Boosted – every cent helps!

TOPP TWINS FEATURE FILM – The Long Drop 05/04/17

BREAKING NEWS - We’re making a film! And we need your support, every dollar counts so THANK YOU for helping us make this project a reality. We are very excited! Check it out….

When an aquifer of pure water is discovered on Ken’s drought-stricken high country farm, he and his best mate save their community’s water from overseas buyers. “It will make you laugh, it may even make you cry – but it will definitely make you think!”

Topp Country 2: Available on Video on Demand 22/12/15

Just in time for Christmas we are happy to announce that Topp Country Series 2 is now available on Vimeo on Demand with Series 1 coming online in early 2016. So if you missed some Episodes and want to relive the laughs, stories and great food from our hit TV show, it’s as easy as one click. Just visit our Vimeo on Demand page and follow the on-screen instructions to own your favourite episodes or the entire series of Topp Country 2.

Topp Country is back 18/08/15

Our favourite Twins return to our screens this August. Join Lynda and Jools on Topp Country from 8.00pm August 23rd on TVNZ One. Series 2 continues the successful format established in the first Series. Topp Country is a celebration of New Zealand’s beautiful country and passionate people. Food is the vehicle for story telling and gives us access into people’s intimate domain – the family kitchen where stories, love and laughter are shared.

The Topps’ gift for spontaneity and wit combined with a deep love for the land and its people delivers emotionally satisfying stories that are life affirming, humorous and inspiring. Visit the Topp Country website for more information about the show.

Topp Country Officially On Air 13/05/14

The series finally went to air on Sunday night. Thanks to everyone for the lovely feedback – we are wrapped you all enjoyed it and hope you’ll keep watching. Recipes and links for each Ep will be up at the end of each week.

The Topp Twins New TV Series ‘Topp Country’ Goes To Air 09/04/14

Our new TV Series Topp Country airs in New Zealand on TV One, Sunday May 11th at 8.00pm,  and makes for perfect family viewing. ‘Topp Country’ is a smorgasbord of entertainment that celebrates the kiwi way of life – through food. For more information click here

Our first Museum Exhibition, we feel really honored! Can’t wait to get along to the opening and see what they have dug up. 01/06/12

Topp Twins hit cowboy country 16/02/11

The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls heads to Arizona for the Sedona International Film Festival. Screenings are February 23 @ 12:30pm, and February 26 @ 9:30pm.   Tickets can be purchased here: Spread the word to friends and family in Arizona.

Topp Twins on the telly 26/11/10

The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls screens on TV One at 8.30pm on Sunday as part of the Sunday Theatre series (NZ only – sorry!).

So if you’ve never seen it, or if you haven’t had a chance to get your hands on the DVD and you want to see it again, or if you just love it so much that you want to watch it at every opportunity then do TUNE IN and watch it with your fellow Kiwis!

WIN WIN 17/11/10

Two more wins for the documentary! Now that puts the award count to 19 . . .

Audience Award – Best Documentary
21st Hamburg International Queer Film Festival 2010, Germany

Best Documentary Feature
Reeling 2010: The 29th Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival, USA

Thanks to those of you who saw the film at these screenings!