Topp Country DVD Now Available

The series that the New Zealand Herald called ‘truly wonderful television‘ is available on DVD now, for the Topp Twins enthusiast in your life. Twin sisters and celebrated Kiwi entertainers Lynda and Jools ToppĀ  take us on a culinary journey around New Zealand meeting passionate food producers, home cooks and lovers of life.

Showcasing their talent, wit, and love for the land, it’s the story of their journey around beautiful New Zealand, talking to people whose stories will make you laugh, cry, and press the rewind button so that you can do it all again!

A real smorgasbord of entertainment, this factual series is bursting with heart, showcasing amazing stories that are life-affirming, humorous and inspiring. From free-range pig farmers in the deep rural south to urban taco-trucking hipsters; on their journey around New Zealand they warm their way into the hearts and homes of everyday kiwis and discover people unified in their love of life, of each other and of the food they are producing, cooking and eating. Great family viewing, especially while you tuck into some Boxing Day leftovers!


  1. Raewyn & Jeanne
    December 11, 2014

    We watched every episode and girls it was fantastic! Thank you for hours of fun and laughter. Have the best Christmas ever!!!!!!

    Raewyn & Jeanne with best friend Zoe (our Lab) :o)

  2. Tom Holt
    December 12, 2014

    I loaned out your first (I guess) cd to a woman’s holland it to a jerk who never returned it. Can I buy another copy?
    Merry Christmas, Tom Holt