The Very Best Of

Collection of the Best From 1981 - 2014

It's been 30 years since The Topp Twins started their own unique style of music and performance. These songs are their favourites over these years and while putting the album together they recognised three distinct styles of music they have written and sung.

Love Songs, Politics and Yodels - it's a crazy combination but it has worked for them - Lynda and Jools hope you enjoy this album as much as they have enjoyed their long singing career. 

  1. Untouchable Girls
  2. Milestones
  3. Calf Club Day
  4. History
  5. Mustang Mountain
  6. Sad Dog
  7. Tomboy
  8. Old Faithful & I
  9. Nga Iwi E
  10. No War In My Heart
  11. Throw Down Your Guns
  12. Cold Cold Sweat
  13. Friday Night Get Up
  14. Lover
  15. Big Ole Moon
  16. Shepherds Farewell
  17. Honky Tonk Angel
  18. My Pinto Pony & I
  19. Songs of Home
  20. Paradise

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