Lynda and Jools

Aka the Topp Twins, are New Zealand national treasures who have performed around the world as an original comedy-music duo for more than 25 years.

The twins re-invent themselves on stage, changing character, musical style and gender with ease. They have had their own award-winning prime-time TV series, most recently Topp Country (TVNZ), released many albums and children's audiobooks, been inducted into the NZ Music Hall of Fame, received the New Zealand Order of Merit and Honorary Doctorates and featured in a documentary film about their lives, which became a worldwide hit.

They have unparalleled broad appeal, regularly performing at corporate events, theatres, stadiums, Festivals and A&P shows where they are often mobbed by adoring audiences.

Ken & Ken

Ken Moller is your typical kiwi bloke, and comes from a long line of Wairarapa sheep farmers. Ken's best mate, Ken Smythe, is a 'townie' and not used to the great outdoors.

A regional TV sportscaster he longs to commentate on the Big Match one day. His other pet hobbies are Ikebana, breeding Burmese cats and Musical Theatre.

The Ken's have MC'd high profile sporting events including the Rugby World Cup, the Bledisloe Cup, Sydney Olypmics and the World Wood Chopping and Shearing Champs.

Camp Leader & Camp Mother

Camp Mother and Camp Leader run the Happy Valley Camping Ground and are the Topp Twins'best-known and well-loved characters.

Camp Mother's signature fashion statement is her pink velour jumpsuit, turban and handbag.

Camp Leader is a very enthusiastic and naive follower, ready to jump unquestionably and put Camp Mother's directives into action. She has a fine line in colourful woolly cardies and dreams, one day, of having her own pony. Camp Mother successfully ran for the Auckland Mayoralty in 1998, but threw her handbag in the ring of Christine Fletcher ensuring that Auckland got a new Mayor.

Raylene & Brenda

Two 'Westie' girls (from West Auckland, home of black t-shirts and V8 engines) with big hair and bad attitude.

Always on the lookout for a 'hunk of spunk' they are good time girls who aspire to have their own hair salon one day, 'Cuts for Sluts' one day.

Never wanting to waste energy on walking they are often seen in high heels by the roadside, thumbs out awaiting a ride to the Speedway (their favourite haunt).

Prue & Dilly

Prue and Dillv Ramsbottom are posh socialites - from an old-money family in the Hawkes Bay.

They enjoy more than a drop or two of Chablis, Gin or Champagne, breed King Charles Spaniels and know all the right people.

Fah fah fah! Always seen at the best social events of the year.

The Gingham Sisters

Belle and Belle (the Topps original characters, first created in 1984) just love country music and a boot stompin' good time.

Belle was born in a hay barn and her sister five minutes later, between the hay barn and the cowshed. Belle's spoon playing (New Zealand champion for 21 years) has been known to bring the house down.

Sunny personalities who like to get out and meet new people, their only worry is whether the elastic holding their gingham skirts up will last the evening.

The Bowling Ladies

The Bowling Ladies, Mavis and Lorna, met at the crematorium the day their respective husbands' were cremated.

Rabid root collectors, when they're not playing at lawn bowl tournaments, they love nothing more than touring the country taking cuttings of native and exotic plants.

"Lets take it home and root it Lorna".

They are well known for their tasty treats at the 'Ladies A Plate' evenings at the Bowling Club.