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As seen on TVNZ One in New Zealand. Lynda and Jools take us on a culinary journey meeting passionate food producers, home cooks and lovers of life. In this factual series with heart the Topp Twins seek out the real people behind NZ cooking to bring us tales from the countryside through the universal pleasure of food and love. The Topps’ gift for spontaneity and wit combined with a deep love for the land and its people delivers emotionally satisfying stories that are life-affirming, humorous and inspiring. Each of the 10 x 23 min episodes features three stories about passionate New Zealanders, happy livestock, favourite family recipes and story after story of love, interwoven with original country music and a few dollops of comedy.

Please note: We only have the PAL 4 NZ/Australia zoned DVD available. Outside this area a multi-zone DVD player may be required.